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Santa Paypal Cash Giveaway

Santa Paypal Giveaway

Hello everyone!  I’ve got another special giveaway for ya!!   What would you do with an extra $500 to spend this holiday season? How about I make the answer to that question a little easier with your chance to win $500 Paypal Cash in the Santa $1,000* Paypal Cash Giveaway! Thanks to some amazing friends […]

Garlic Fries

Garlic Fries

French fries packed with a punch of buttery garlic flavor and a perfect accompaniment to your favorite burger! So these little french fries are a total indulgence.  They are not the kind of french fries I make on a regular basis.  They are reserved for those nights when we just want something a little different and fun. Why […]

Jumpstart Holiday Cash Giveaway

jumpstart holiday cash giveaway

So I know you all have Halloween on your brain right now, BUT several bloggers and myself have teamed up to help you get the extra cash you need to head into holiday shopping season!  I know I’ve been picking up a few things here and there, so that I’m not waiting until the last […]

Slow Cooker Chili

Slow Cooker Chili | Diary of a Recipe Collector

Your home will smell so good when you come home to this chili simmering away in the crock pot!! Can you believe October is almost over??  Is it just me, or did that fly by?   I realized over the weekend that we hadn’t even carved a pumpkin yet.  So we headed over to the […]

Saturday Night Fever #57

SNF 57 collage 600x600

Hello all!   It’s time for Saturday Night Fever!  I hope you all had a great week and are all enjoying your weekend.  No big plans for us down here.  My kiddos have a day off of school on Monday, so we will try to be as lazy as we can that morning and head […]

One-Pot Beefy Broccoli Rice

Beefy Broccoli Rice

A quick, easy, and hearty one-pot supper filled with ground beef, broccoli, and rice. So how are you enjoying Fall?  We are in full-swing busy school mode down here.  Homework has eased up a bit, but we still have enough to keep us busy all afternoon.  I’ve started trying to have supper mostly ready by […]

Monster Cake Balls

Monster Cake Balls

Funny little monster cake balls make a perfect Halloween craft and treat for your little monsters! I have a confession to make.  I really dislike making cake balls or cake pops.  Now don’t get me wrong.  They are one of the best little desserts ever!  However, I just don’t enjoy working with temperamental chocolate and […]

Saturday Night Fever #56


Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping by Saturday Night Fever!  My family and I are camping right now.  We decided it was the perfect time of year to rent a cabin at a local state park and have a fun weekend with our kids.  There’s so much to do…fishing, biking, walking trails, feeding the ducks and […]

Creepy Mini Pizzas with Fleischmann’s Yeast


This is a sponsored post for Fleischmann’s Yeast, but all opinions are my own. Have a fun family night creating some creepy Halloween pizzas!! My kiddos and I had a great time creating these cute little Halloween pizzas!  It was neat seeing their little imaginations work and see them get excited about what they were […]

Skinny Turkey Pepperjack Pizzas

Skinny Pepperjack and Turkey Pizzas

A perfect low-calorie lunch for any day of the week!  So since the first day I made this little lunch for myself, I’ve wanted to eat it almost everyday.  I held myself back and ate other stuff because I so did not want to burn out on this.  They are so good and I feel […]

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